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Recovered by:
Mike W.
Found by:
Team RamNorris - Chad, Brandin, Steve, and Sean.
Rock Cut State Park, Rockford IL.
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Season Two

Game 6
"Lykke Gasket"
Booty: $1000.00

Venatu Treasure Hunt Game

The Artifact: Each game of Venatu is a hunt for a hidden treasure we call "The Artifact"...

The Playing Field: The game is played using the United States of America as the playing field ...

The Clues: A new clue will be released every day. Solve the clues to discover the artifacts location......

The Winner: Once you discover an Artifacts location, Go get it! Figure our how to retrieve the artifact and you're the Winner ...


The Booty: The winners of each game receive a cash prize we call the booty ...

Current Clue
Official Game Time:
Pre Clue
Best Buy Co, Inc.

White:Clue Information

Yellow: Dux Squawking

Pink: Important

We ended last game with this video and we'll use it to begin this game. Mapping out the entire route is not too difficult and is good practice for those of you who are new to Venatu and/or Google Earth.

Available: 05/02/2014 @ Midnite
Next Clue
Clue II

White:Clue Information

Yellow: Dux Squawking

Pink: Important

Available: 05/02/2014 @ 10:00 pm

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