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Team and Registration Info

NOTE: We have suspended our Team Page

We are building a robust Team and Player profile management system. We plan on launching Spring 2014 ... gonna be sooooo cool!


Players can use the form below to pre-register themselves and their team.

Players who pre-register will receive a 1-year free membership*** when we launch the new system.

*** Must include a pic.

Teams that pre-register will have the best names. Registering also helps clarify an outcome should your Team win during Transitional Period..

Previously registered Teams are still on file, we are just not displaying profiles.

Founder Status

Champions, and Players who have actively participated thus far, will be given Founder status in the spring. Be sure we have your info, include facebook moniker if applicable.

Founder Status will include special privileges and a symbol on your profile that will last forever. In 10 years when this Game is HUGE.......Founder will be a very cool thing to be.

Players who pre-register now and become actively involved by Spring will also be eligible for Founder status.

We recommend playing as a team.

More minds and more eyes can only help you win.

Playing Venatu as a team increases the chances of winning and makes the game much more FUN!

Having a Teammate to share the workload and bounce ideas off of can be very beneficial.

Thus far, over 90% of Venatu games have been won by Teams.

It can be advantageous to choose team members with a variety of skills and talents. You might also want to choose team members who have some free time. Developing relationships (alliances) with other Players and Teams can be a useful Strategy.

The main reason to play Venatu with a team is because it makes the game more fun!

Minors and other non eligible players must form or join a team to play.

Minors must be on a team with an eligible guardian.....more.

Any eligible player is welcome to play solo.

Choose a Unique
Team Name

Type PREREG if no team.

Team Registration Form
Visual Verification Image
* Required

Team leaders and Solo players.

By using their email address, Team Leaders act as team secretary.

Use a good email address that you plan on keeping forever.

This box is for any additional team members.

Teams who wish to have a slogan or provide more information can do so here.

Use any original,100 pixel, tasteful image you want.

Enter Information and click Submit.

If registration is successful you will be redirected to a Thank You page and receive a confirmation email.

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